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Hi! I’m Justin Raj, a stock broker by profession, is also a freelance Journalist, an amateur Filmmaker and an enthusiastic Marathoner who possesses the ‘bad habit’ of writing too much. And as long as that ‘bad habit’ stays with me, I keep on posting to my blog.

A blogger is basically a tech-savvy writer. He is a keen observer with a sharing mind, not a silent spectator to all events which happen around him. If a reader is a person who loves to gain knowledge, a blogger or writer is one who loves to share his knowledge and dare to speak out his opinions and ideas. Like a singer expresses by singing, dancer by dancing, actor through acting, a blogger blogs his feelings and ideas out. Literally, Freedom of Expression is his shield and the blog is his Sword.

Here in my blog, write-ups are archived in 9 labels. In ‘Sweet and Bitter’ you can read about my diverse life experiences and valuable lessons I learnt from it. ‘Published Articles’ offers you my articles which have been published in Daily Newspapers. In ‘Random Brain Waves’ you can meet up with my random (or at times, weird) ideas. Poetry writing has eventually become a new hobby as well as a part of my blog. You can read my poems in ‘Verses’. In ‘Marathon’ label, you can read about my marathon experiences, challenges and how running a marathon can shape a man’s life.

‘Vlog’ is a recent addition to my blog as I realize the potential future of visual media. Sometimes, a 3-minute video can do the magic of expression than a 3000 word article. In this label you can watch the short films, documentaries, advertisements et al I have made. ‘Favorite Articles’ consists of articles which have influenced my outlook and attitude on life. Being a tireless traveler, ‘Travel’ label takes you to various travel experiences of mine. Conducting researches is a part of Journalism. In ‘Research Articles’ label you can get articles which throw light on various researches I have conducted.

Every life meets with various challenges, diverse experiences and at the end, all those teach us valuable lessons for our future. Wise men learn by other men's mistakes, fools by their own said H. G. Bohn. I learn more by my own mistakes than others. It doesn’t mean that I’m a fool! I learn from other’s lives too. My blog is a platform for sharing not only my life experiences but also the valuable lessons, ideas and poetry triggered by them.

To my mind, blog is a thinking man's tool. Blogging is more a passion than a hobby for me. It is as if talking something to someone somewhere in world. My words keep on talking to the visitors of my blog. I can feel the magic of words! And that’s the power of blogging!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

48 Hours of Inspiration

It’s heartbreakingly painful when your brother leaves to heavenly abode and after a few months your sweetheart leaves you for a better man…
Pain is everywhere. You can’t ask for a break from that! It happens somehow, somewhere and from someone.
Every day, at some moments, when we can’t get along with what we ought to do; in the silence and ignorance of your loved ones; when your loved ones compare us with others and tell they are better than you and moreover when they belittle you in front of others. In short, it feels like the whole universe throws you out like a fallen, lonely comet.
Only people who stand by you are your true friends who know you for a very long time and also know your potential, strength and weakness. They stand by you, whatever happens even though the earth shaken or mountains shift.
I have gone through all these in past 8 months. I lost my brother… I lost my sweetheart… It feels like life shoots you at the point blank range. All you hear are blaming, your mistakes are trumpeted and at last you are thrown out as an outcast.
I have realized that true friends and lovers stand the test of time. It was my true friends who stood by me, supported me and encouraged me to move forward.
My true friends include very important person, an old friend, my first love and I call her ‘girlfriend’; she is none other than my mom. An iron lady I know who have never tired, gave up or even complaint for the tests life has thrown on her. She withstood all with courage, patience and an incredible strength of heart.
She has suffered a lot in her life but courageously moved forward.
I’m extremely lucky that I have born to a mother like her. I’m very much proud to be her son.
After all disasters of my life only thing she told me is that: life is like a bicycle… you lose balance if you don’t move forward. It was a great message to a fallen, broken-hearted son from a great, loving mother.
After one month, one of my friends who is the city editor of a popular English daily, visited my house. During my college days, it was his writings that inspired me to write and start a blog.
Although a good creative writer, he is a very good listener himself: a good quality a journalist should possess. He is also an author-in-making and his book on a very important social issue is going to get published within months.
Over our favorite brandy, we talked and talked all through night under a nightclub ambience which I have created in my house. There were no breaks; only alcohol sips and nicotine inhales. It was really fun and inspiring to talk to a matured, experienced person like him.  
He told me… life is like a train. The train has a destination - a state of attainment; a state of achievement. People who want to board the train can do so. No matter who enters or leaves the train, the train moves on and on. That journey is towards its destination. That journey is inevitable because it’s towards the train’s destination! People who want to be in train will stay and others just leave. The train story cum philosophy dominated our late night talks as well as a very memorable city ride.
Pain is essential like a jockey beats the horse during the race; only then the horse runs faster and wins the race. In this journey, life is the jockey and horse is our heart. Pain makes the heart and brain works faster and stays stronger. As a wise mind once told - wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.
Weak, ordinary people look down upon these metaphors and call them as mere ‘philosophy’ but in fact, only a few people use to think… thinking is, of course, a hard work!
What more is needed to a kiddo like me, to get inspired and motivated plus to leave the past and gear up for the future. It was the finest, drunken, motivational class for 48 hours!
Those are words of persons who have experienced more pain than I and stood up against all odds and moved on like a bicycle and a destination-bound train. And I’m so thankful to my life for blessing me with few sincere, mature, loving, wise people who are there for me to offer a hand to rise up whenever I fall.
Ups and downs are good because when we are up in life, our friends will know who we are and when we are down we will know who all are our true friends are…

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Man Standing

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
But, in the battlefield of life,
You are really lonely…

They love you for a reason, no reason,
They hate you for a reason, no reason;
Whether you are young or old,
It happens in all season…

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
Nothing to lose, loads to gain,
With a heart to endure all pain…

They kiss you for a reason, no reason,
They miss you for a reason, no reason;
Whether you are young or old,
It happens in all season…

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
All they need are greener territories,
And heavenly luxuries…

They stay with you for a reason, no reason,
They leave you for a reason, no reason;
Whether you are young/old,
It happens in all season…

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
All they need are carnal pursuits,
With banal results…

They sex you for a reason, no reason,
They vex you for a reason, no reason;
Whether you are young or old,
It happens in all season…

Whether alive or dead,
They leave you at any end;
Some stay, but how long?
If stayed, how strong?

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
With shield of confidence,
And armor of courage…

They bitch you for a reason, no reason,
They ditch you for a reason, no reason;
Whether you are young or old,
It happens in all season…

You are last man standing,
You are really outstanding;
Fighting lonesome fights,
For a life filled with glory and heights…

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