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Let’s break the cancer stick!

Long back in 2003, during a cool, wind blowing night, hidden in the darkest corner of my bed room, I did a deadly, yet, innovative act: lit a cigarette. I had tried it twice before but it didn’t made any impact as I hadn’t inhaled the smoke. But this time I had done the job perfectly and the aftermath was unexpected and also bit horrible. I puked! I haven’t come across any smokers yet in my life who had a ‘puking’ experience akin to mine. My experience is very unique. So, I love to call it ‘legendary’ and this ‘legendary’ puking marked the beginning of my smoking odyssey. I always love to visualize me with a cigarette on my lips. To me, smoking was an insignia of manliness, strength and maturity. It took only a few months to transform me from an occasional smoker to an ardent one. The number of cigarettes which I had started with two, eventually, ended up with twenty two. My ‘care free’ smoking went well until I fell prone to smoker’s cough in 2005. I felt as if my lungs would burst out…