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Let’s Go Vegan!

In reality, they are a minority but they are the part of a global community which envisages a great objective and dreams a great dream alike. These like minded people love nature and raise voice against cruelty towards animals. They walk their talk and show the world how to live like a human being and displays a constructive paradigm for human life- a life that shuns cruelty, violence and exploitation-and world calls them Vegans.

Mr. Donald Watson was the person who created the term Vegan or non diary vegetarian. He also founded Vegan Society in UK on November 1st 1944. Today, vegans constitute 0.2% to 1.3% of US population and between 0.25% and 0.4% of UK population. Observing November 1st annually as the World Vegan day reveals its popularity and significance in the contemporary world.

Although Veganism has originated in West, most of the Indians who are traditionally vegetarians or lacto vegetarians are turning themselves to Vegans. Vegan population in India is approximately 300-40…

One day @ Chennai Egmore Railway Police Station.

“Ticket please”, a railway police constable in civilian attire asked me.

I showed my railway season ticket and thought he just wanted to check out whether I was a ticket less commuter. But, the issue was not over with that.

“Don’t you know that you shall not walk over the railway track during commuting hours?” he questioned.

Oh, I was trapped! I just walk over the railway track by evading the nearby over bridge. Yea, it’s a worthwhile reason to book anyone. But, after some time, I came to know that, I wasn’t alone. Around twenty souls were there for my company.

Gradually, I understood that Railway Protection Force (RPF) had beefed up the security and checking owing to the regular deaths of commuters who recklessly crossing the railway lines.

Though, I had bitter experiences with Traffic Police, it was my first encounter with RPF. They took us to the police station and filed charge sheets against all of us. Senior citizens were there, laborers were there and young students were also there. …

Marg-Chennai Marathon: I Ran For a Cause…

Quit the rat race, join the human race! The time has come to put our best foot forward. Get your sneakers out. Join the MARG-Chennai Marathon for Give Life. Let’s run for something good. Lets run for the under privileged children. Let’s run for hope. Let’s run for life. Let’s run for something. Let’s just run!

That was the newspaper advertisement which took my attention couple of weeks ago. Chennai is going to host the third richest marathon in the world and in addition, the richest half marathon in India because prize money 6 million INR is involved. But what aroused my interest was that it is being organized for a great cause- the profits from the marathon will go towards Give Life, a charitable organization that supports around 13,600 under privileged students across Tamil Nadu-. No second thought. I decided to join.

While registering for the marathon I was trapped in a dilemma: whether to opt for 7Km Great Chennai run or 21.09 km professional run. 7 Km is okay but what about 21 Km?…