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The Idea That Transformed Me & My Life.

A hardcore book hater I was. Reading, writing, and books were to me as if Holy Cross to Satan. To me, they were the activities only idiots and jobless people indulge in! All these wrong convictions of mine took a U-turn while I was doing my diploma in Loyola College during the year 2006. Sometime I think it took a long time in my life to know great things. Anyway, it’s better be late than never.

Mr. James, Head of the English Department was our instructor for communication skills. Usually I set myself in hibernate mode during class hours but that day I was very attentive. He told to class that if we read 1000 words, only 50 words will remain in our mind. He kept on asking us, can we remember all we read? Can we comprehend all that we heard or seen? Will we put all the knowledge we gain into practice? Our answer was big no.

The theme reflected in his words is the limitations of human memory. He reminded that geniuses and intellectuals are made by hard work not by birth. That’s interestin…

Are Jeans and Tees Symbols of Modernism?

During a talk with my going-to-be brother in law, he pointed out that it would be nice if my cousin (his would-be) would wears jeans and tees. My cousin, though well educated and being very idealistic, prefers to wears traditional costumes such as sarees and churidar. Jeans and tees or so called ‘modern’ attires are a big ‘no’ for her. She already expressed her discontent in wearing those to her fiancée. But, he requested me just to persuade her to wear those ‘modern’ wears. I asked him why? He, who had done his education in different places in India and also fluent in prominent Indian languages, declared that he is ‘modern’ and prefers his would-be too-modern. I, as a messenger of love between them, deliver her fiancée’s much desired wish to her. She saddened in hearing that repetitive request which she had already rejected. She asked me: are jeans and tees symbols of modernism? My answer was negative. She agreed with that. Never in the world history, have a person who admires and we…