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God, The Baker.

Uncle Jacob is a shrewd businessman. Quick-wittedness and funny ideas are his forte. His silver tongue is capable to flatter his customers and induce them to purchase goods that can’t be put in use in their entire life! People love, as I do, to talk to him and hear his humorous imaginary stories. He is never out of witty ideas. But, he is quite a loser- both in life and business.

The story I’m going to tell is born out of sheer imagination of uncle Jacob which I consider worth quoting. Through this story, I don’t have any intention to defame any religious doctrines or ethnical theory of origins. I love laughing and after hearing this story I couldn’t control my laughter. Let me start with a hope: you might also laugh your lungs out!

Galaxies, Planets, Stars and Comets were born. God created all. He was happy and proud of all His marvelous creations. But, at some point of time He felt so lonely. He had taken Himself to drinking wine to escape from loneliness. He had chosen Planet Earth…