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Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

When American president George W Bush made a farewell visit to Iraq, he might not even thought in his mind that a souvenir was waiting for him in the press room: a pair of size 10 dark brown Iraq-made shoes. It was 29 year old Muntazer Al-Zaidi, a journalist did the daring yet heroic act of throwing his shoes to the wicked American president ever.“It is the farewell kiss, you dog!” he shouted by flinging his shoes which is considered as the ultimate insult in Arab culture. It was not an instant outburst of anger or frustration, but was a well thought and planned feat. He bought those shoes deliberately for the ‘shoeing show’ from a shop in Baghdad’s Al-khyam street.Indeed he didn’t hold any personal grudge towards Mr. Bush. He did this for his Iraqi people. In much more broader sense, he represented the mindset of the whole Arab community. Applauds and praises poured from all over the world to this heroic journalist who is awaiting seven years of imprisonment. Did this world ever roll…

Two Great Failures In One Year.

The year 2008 welcomed me with a blast. A horrible blast guised as a bike accident.I was heading back home from a New Year party at one of my friend’s house in a reserved forest area. Intoxicated, I wasn’t able to see clearly the jungle along a curve. A sudden brake; that’s what I could and I did it. My bike and I rammed into the bushes and got stuck in terrible silence and ghostly darkness. Only light available to me was from my mobile phone display. I stumbled out of the bushes with a bleeding face and injured elbows and started waving my mobile to the passing vehicles through the road. Two cars passed by without stopping. Finally, a biker stopped near to me. I showed the mobile display light over my bleeding face to show him that I met with an accident. He also understood that I’m drunk. With the help of the mobile light, both of us took the bike out of the bushes. He also helped me to kick-start it. Thanks to that unknown ‘God-sent’ biker. I returned home with those bloody midnigh…