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It’s Time for My Media!

Today, it is an age of digital media revolution which has brought even sophisticated communication devices in layman’s hands. From a high level executive to a rickshaw puller, all make use of digital technology in their everyday lives. Sending a text message or making a voice call is a common thing for most of the people today.But, New Media such as internet was always a far away dream for common people. Today it is in the process of change. Internet replaced the "one-to-many" model of traditional mass communication with the possibility of a "many-to-many" web of communication by enabling blogging, emails, online SMS services, etc. Now with the advent of latest technologies, any individual can now produce his or her online media and include images, text, and sound about whatever he or she chooses. So the new media with technology convergence shifts the model of mass communication, and radically shapes the ways we interact and communicate with one another.The credib…

“Sorry, I’m Busy!”

It is a regular phrase I hear all around me- at classroom, households and offices. Nobody has time at their disposal. Most of the people don’t know where this time is going. Do you know why? It is because most of them never try to find out. Actually, there are always numerous solutions to a problem.
During my graduation, I was also ‘busy’. I didn’t have time to eat, sleep and study. I never knew why I was busy. However, I was just ‘busy’! “Sorry sir, I was busy yesterday” I used to tell my tutors on the D-days for the assignment submission. They smiled at me. I smiled back as usual.
Gradually, I came to understand that I was not doing anything worthful during those ‘busy’ days of my life. I was wasting my precious time pretending as if I was busy. Most of my time got wasted by talking and roaming around with friends, downloading music and movies online and other meaningless activities.
My best friend and critic, Jim Mathew too is an example for a ‘busy’ person. He observes people very…

The Great Indian Initiatives and Achievements in 2008.

Though crippled by communal riots, economic recession and wounded by Mumbai terror attack, Incredible India shone throughout the year, 2008. Last year we also witnessed prideful events which makes our heads up and also gifted us with some amazing personalities whom we as young Indians can emulate.
The great Indian success stories of 2008 were ushered in on January 10th by Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata as he unveiled ‘Nano’, the world’s cheapest car. In March, his company also acquired Britain’s most famous names in automobile manufacturing, Jaguar and Land Rover. Taking charge as Commonwealth Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma added a golden feather to India’s cap.
France conferred the Order of Arts et Lettres on Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The Malaysian State of Malacca presented ‘Datuk’ title to him, making him the first foreign actor to get the honour. Soumitra Chatterjee and Priyamani bagged Best Actor and Actress award respectively at the 54th National Film Awards. Mala…
Good Bye, 2008…Few more minutes still remaining in the year 2008, time is ticking towards the New Year 2009. With New Year comes new hope, Resolutions (whether we keep it or not is another issue) and above all, a feeling of new life. Today I had the most silent New Year night ever in my life. Although I hold sympathy for the victims of both man made disasters, it was neither to commemorate Mumbai Blasts victims nor to condemn Israeli air raids in Gaza strip. It’s just because of fever I got three days back. Doctor prescribed three weeks bed rest (it’s not going to happen) and medication. Whole evening I was listening to words of wisdom of my aunt. She was giving me ideas on financial education and some life skills which she thinks I lack. I enjoyed listening to her. No parties, no beers and nothing! My stomach is stuffed with just cakes. I can hear people hooting and fire crackers bursting outside while typing this post. Hope this kind of a New Year night never happens to anyone else…