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A Newsletter Story.

Alone, I Run…

Alone, I run… Through the darkest woods, With fire on my head, And, pain in my heart.

Alone, I run… Through the thorny marshes, Tears rolling down my cheeks, And, blending with my sweat.

Alone, I run… Through the lap of savage sun, With parched throat And, paining limbs.

Alone, I run… Through the herd of beasts of darkness, Holding up my head unwavering, To show them-I’m younger, stronger and faster.

No one ahead, no one behind; No water stops, no stone hinges; Just blood-thirsty beasts all around, Rounding for pouncing on me.

I can’t retire, I can’t relax; Hunted I’m, if I retreat; Sissy I’m, if I lose courage; Dead I’m, if I yield.

Alone, I run…fearlessly, Through the darkest woods, With vibrant dreams in my head, And, dynamic hope in my heart.

My 23rd Birthday: A Nostalgia Filled Day.

A familiar dark face was sitting long away at the corner of the stadium pondering over something as usual. I was just finishing my regular morning run when my eyes fell on him. Murali sir! He was my Gandhian philosophy tutor at VivekodayamHigherSecondary School. Though being not studious and also at the same time mischievous, I can proudly tell that I was one of his favourite students. I used to visit him and other teachers even after leaving to Chennai for my higher studies.
I jumped on to the stadium and walked briskly towards him. He couldn’t recognize me quickly but as soon as he made out that it’s me, he couldn’t stop smiling. We shared pleasantries and talked for quiet some time. He asked me to visit Vivekodayam, the school which gifted some of the sweet memorable days of my life. Those days are still crystal clear in my mind as if happened yesterday. I promised him that I will visit my one-time school the same day. I was so happy that at the early morning of the day I turned 2…

This is How a Great Week of Mine Got Messed up By SLA v/s LTTE War.

Frankly telling, ongoing Sri Lankan Army’s (SLA) assault on LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealem) has spoiled an exciting week of mine. I can’t blame Sri Lankan Army for that. The onus lies on Tamil Nadu Government’s unwise decision to shut down all the colleges and hostels indefinitely. The move hammered all the hopes and events I had planned for the week.
I reached God’s Own Country at the early hours of 3rd February. Retreating to my homeland-a real comfort zone-from Chennai-a virtual battle ground-is always a joyful affair. But, this week was really special for me.
On 3rd February, we had decided to conduct a releasing function of our newsletter, Resonance ( On the very next day on 4th February, our class also planned for a Mass Bunk (MB) and go for the movie, Slumdog Millionaire for which Indian music maestro A.R. Rahman fetched Golden Globe award and was nominated for Oscar. I dreamt about this wonderful week having a great time together …