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It’s All About ‘Plug-in’ Culture!

Imagine you are talking very seriously to someone and unfortunately, ends up by knowing that the person whom you are talking to was not even listening to you properly. How would you feel then? You may feel annoyed, dejected or sometimes angry, isn’t it? Stop. Don’t take it to the heart. You have just spoken to one among a million of ‘pluggers’ all around the world!
Arrival of portable music systems and mobile phones with inbuilt music players have given birth to a rapidly spreading ‘plug-in’ culture. ‘Pluggers’ always listen to music on the go. While commuting, jogging, biking, driving or even during office hours, their ears are sealed off by earphones taking them away from the real outer world. Music players have taken an unavoidable part in their lifestyle.
Akin to all other lifestyles, ‘plug-in’ culture too is individualistic. Some ‘plugs-in’ for sheer love for music, some to kill time and others for brushing off boredom. “Music is a requisite for me while studying or reading” says…