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You showed me the world.

This poem is dedicated to the most beautiful woman on this planet:my mother.

You showed me the world,
Its beauties and endless mysteries.
You showed me the life,
Its hidden surprises and thrills.

You are an angel born on earth,
Just to give birth to me;
Just to take care of me;
Just to guide me all the way.

You showed me how to kiss,
Kisses sweeter than honey.
You showed me the pain of miss,
Pain that pierces any heart.

Your bright smiling face,
Lights up my lonely dark hours.
Your love inspires me to live,
When my life hits road-blocks.

You showed me greatest life lessons,
Through the language of love.
You showed me what friendship is,
Through the language of care.

You stand as a pillar of support,
When failures bangs on my door.
You inspire to achieve higher goals,
When successes get on my head.

You showed me the might of wisdom,
When my life loses balance.
You showed me the meaning of life,
When my life loses sense.

You are the real insignia of womanhood,
The most beautiful woman …