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Run! Run! Run!

This poem is dedicated to all the runners worldwide and for those who enjoy running. Enjoy!

I stir up smiling,
In a lovely morning,
Stay on bed baffling,
As the timer screaming:
Run! Run! Run!

With shoes laced up,
I dashed the street,
By my legs hitting the road,
In a bouncy rhythm:
Run! Run! Run!

The pure fresh wind,
Gently blown on my hair,
Cleansing my mind and soul,
Yet whispering in my ears:
Run! Run! Run!

The joy of running,
Take my spirit higher,
To grab the clouds above,
With my heart pulsating:
Run! Run! Run!

Sunray showers mould,
My tender shoulders,
To bear the challenges ahead,
As the shining sun cheering:
Run! Run! Run!

Bathing in warm sweat,
I told the birds hovering above:
“You have wings to fly,
As I’m blessed with limbs to,
Run! Run! Run!”

Please, Don’ t Steal Dreams!

What a life without dreams, isn’t it? When I say, dreams, I never mean day dreaming. Anyone can do it and it is nothing more than a time killer. Real sensible dreams make a man out of us. It’s a real challenge too. Some achieve small dreams in a big way while others achieve big dreams in a small way. We should dream in accordance with our aptitudes, skills and more importantly our interest.
Recently during the days of Abhinav Bindra’s gold winning for shooting in Beijing Olympics the Chennai Rifle Club witnessed a huge rush of parents who want to admit their children for the rifle training. What a pathetic scenario-I thought. It was Bindra’s dream to become a shooter. He was confident that he possesses the skills to become a world class shooter. Not everyone have that aptitude. It’s neither anyone’s problem nor the idea I need to convey here.
The very idea is the robbery of dreams. If the same Bindra decided to follow his father’s dreams and became a business man, we would have misse…

Foods for the Soul.

From the time immemorial, dietary practices have been incorporated into religious practices of people around the world. Some religious sects abstain or forbid from consuming certain foods and drinks, restrict foods and drinks during their holy days. While, others associate dietary and food preparation practices with rituals of their faith. The early biblical writings outline the dietary practices for certain groups. For example, Christians and Jews. Many of these practices may still be found among these same groups today. Practices such as fasting are described as tenets of faith by numerous religions.
To understand the reasons for nutrition and dietary customs in any religion requires a brief orientation of the rationale of such practices and laws. Many religious customs and laws may also be traced to early concerns for health and safety in consuming foods or liquids. The lack of mechanisms to refrigerate or preserve food led to certain rituals while restricting on the eating of foods…

Some Gayish Tales with a Moral...

Homosexuality, bisexuality and all other sexual orientations, whatever it may be, I didn’t give any shit about them. Anyway, experience is the best teacher. Since I had some face to face encounters with them, I started thinking about them seriously. The face of reality is always ugly. Whenever I’m in Kerala, I rarely use car or bike for commuting. I always prefer public transport system such as train or bus. I love sitting relaxed by giving the whole responsibility of my life to an unknown driver’s hands. However, window side seat is a requisite. Sometimes, if I’m free and no work to do...I simply enter some bus and take ticket till the last bus-stop. You may think I’m crazy (may be I’m!) but the real driving force is my wanderlust. The smell of fresh, unpolluted air; the beauty of green paddy fields and calmness of the streams get me lose in some beautiful day dreams. I love those journeys without any specific destination and purpose. Few months ago, one day I decided to go for a purpos…