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MJ, You Never Die…

I know it’s late to write and pay tribute to an exceptional musician like Michael Jackson who had passed away unexpectedly on June 25th. Anyway, better be late than never.
I’m a hardcore fan of Michael Jackson despite all the controversies besieged him. His enthusiasm, energy, unique vocal, dancing and music composing skills always blew my mind. During school days we all boys tried to emulate his dancing style and also during cultural programmes we always picked his songs for stage performances. ‘Dangerous’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Thriller’ were massive hits in school. And we boys too performed well without tarnishing his name.
But, my dad was a hardcore hater of Michael Jackson. In 1995 MJ’s History- Past, Present and Future album had released. During those days my hobby was collecting all his albums. From Off the Wall to Dangerous I collected most of his albums with the limited resources available to a 9 year old boy. My cousins and friends were actually jealous of those collections. Some called …