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Molding Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

This article is written for the School of the Week column of Times of India which awaits publishing.

Since its inception in 2005, PSBB Millennium School has been on the mission of creating global citizens rooted in Indian values, traditions and culture.

Driven by technology and efficient management, PSBB Millennium School, GST road has come a long way. Today, this institution consists of 120 teachers who diligently educate above 2400 children. “Every child is unique and it’s our duty to cater to their needs. Creating citizens with a global outlook with a respect for our rich culture and heritage is our aim”, says Rukmani Mothilal, academic adviser of the school.

Cycle tests are conducted on a regular basis and this helps eliminate the examination pressure on children by enabling them to focus on one subject at a time. The school also has unique programs such as the biannual ‘Parent observation week’ during which parents are allowed to sit with their children during class hours. “We beli…

Gurukula of Modern Times.