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Linux Love!

I was introduced to the world of Open Source Softwares by the Chip Magazine’s June 2009 edition. It provided along with other complimentary DVDs, a Live DVD of Linux Ubuntu Operating System (OS). I was amazed and thrilled to use the new OS on my laptop. Installation of Ubuntu was effortless and I made my laptop a dual boot one with both Ubuntu and Windows Vista. 

Not only I converted my laptop but also informed all my close geeky friends about Ubuntu. They all knew about it but never tried or used it. After seeing my enthusiasm, most of my neighborhood friends and also hostel mates set up their computers as dual boot. Surprisingly, some of them even dared to uninstall Windows from their computer! Now, I’m the brand ambassador of Linux here in my class, home and hostel.
After reading a lot about Linux Ubuntu, I really fell in love with their philosophy. The philosophy of sharing, helping and modifying. To know more about their philosophy log on to A person …