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When My Love Bids Adieu...

When my love bids adieu,
My world turns topsy-turvy.
As a joyful excitement it crept in,
As a painful experience it ends up.

Tectonic plates of my heart shake,
Covering crumbles all over me.
My dreamy castles doomed,
Chucked me hopeless and lost.

It was hard to smile at world,
With tearful eyes.
It was hard to go an extra mile,
With crushed heart.

The poison was not strong enough,
To take my life then.
Your love is not sweet enough,

To take my heart now.

I opened up my heart,
To make you fathom.
But you jabbed through its slit,
To make it bleed incessantly.

I’m not a rat anymore,
To fall in the love trap.
I’m not a moron anymore,
To leave my heart ajar.

I’m braver and stronger now,
As a learning experience it ends up!
I’m filled with new hopes and dreams now,
As a joyful excitement they creep in!

Dakshina Chitra: A Place Where Diverse Cultures Meet.

“Great culture is often betokened by great simplicity” – Dorothee Deluzy.

It’s raining heavily in Chennai. Used only with cruel sun and crippling heat, it’s the time of the year when Chennai always comes to a standstill. Rains always have a special place in Chennai as well as in my heart. They are emotive reminders. The reminders of my joyful childhood days. The days during which I carelessly played ‘mud-football’, sailed paper boats, caught cold and happily slept under the blanket.
Those days were gone. I’m not a child anymore but at heart I’m still a kid eagerly wanting to do all the naughty things and create nuisance all around me.  I might not be able to do all things tangibly. Anyway, in mind, I can do everything and anything I want and that’s what I’m doing right now: reliving in those fabulous memories in the rain. Our mind is such a beautiful machine, isn’t it?      

Today, as the exams were postponed due to incessant rain, we didn’t have any other place to spend some free time o…