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How to outlive relationship disasters?

Every beginning has an end. It’s same with relationships too. In our life, relationships especially love relationships may always face a painful end. It blossoms with excitement, joy and delight but withers lifelessly and painfully. The days after a breakup seem like dark ages. We may get chucked hopeless and lost to the darkest corner of life. Everything seems like the end of the world.
Some gossip about their ex. Some cry out on their pillows. Some go aggressive on friends. But, only a few realize that it’s just a learning experience and life has to move on. Standing on one’s own feet not always been a child’s game. It requires great courage and determination.

There are lots of ways to wipe out break up blues. Take it positively and think of the ways for reconciliation. It’s always better if an open and candid talk can solve the issue. If the relationship breakup is mutually agreed upon, altering the environments should be your first step. Take out all the tangible possessions like ph…