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Five B’s of My Life.

Oh! Brain! With no drain, Takes me in bullet train, Where ideas flow like rain.
Oh! Book! Wiseman on rack, Soars my imagination, Where I can conquer any nation.
Oh! Buck! Favors only hard work, Comes with no luck, Save me from any heck.
Oh! Babes! Make me feel wonderful, Make my world beautiful, Without them life is awful.
Oh! Beer! Brew of good times, Gets me on a dash, For a splendid bash.
Without five B’s of life, My world is just a Boo! With five B’s of life, My life is a big Woo hoo!

Influence of Reading on Children in Chennai: A Finding.

This is the abstract and findings of my research related to my Master’s course in Communication on the topic: influence of books and reading habit among children in Chennai. The research was carried out by conducting a survey with questionnaires and interviews as main tools. The duration of the research was for 3 months and the age group of children taken into consideration is from 13 to 15. The sample group consists of 200 children from 4 different schools in Chennai without bias on gender.
The findings in this research come with its own limitations which I should reveal in the beginning. Only limited amount of information can be acquired from the respondents or samples in the time span of just three months. As it is not possible to take survey on children from entire country or abroad in these 3 months, I could only take effort to conduct survey on children studying in selected schools in Chennai. . The findings in this research are derived from opinions of just 200 children from 4 …

Wow is Now!

For the past few weeks, I was under terrible stress, struggling with disturbing thoughts and deep worries and the reason for that: simply, no reason! People usually worry for nothing. When we worry we don’t know for what we are actually worrying about. It was very hard to carry on with those hard feelings and we feel restless, confused, irritated and even show red face to closest friends.
It was during those worry filled days of mine, I stumbled upon a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a world famous plastic surgeon who is also renowned for his study on psychology, suggested to me by one of my closest friends. I read and read through each pages, word by word. It was an awesome book which taught me how to live in the present without worrying about past and future. Getting a cue from that book I went on to read an article which was an address titled ‘A Way of Life’ given by William Osler to the students of Yale University in the year 1913. A thought provoking article …