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Life is a Big Moment…

Life is a big moment,

Of excitement and fun.

Life is a mortal moment,

To rejoice and celebrate.

A moment of ignorance,

Be a beginning of wisdom.

A moment of weakness,

Be a doorway to strength.

A moment of loss,

Offers tons of gain.

A moment of boredom,

Offers loads of fun.

A moment of gloom,

Be a key to bloom.

A moment of failure.

Be a key to success.

Life is a big moment,

Of happiness and peppiness.

Life is a mortal moment,

Of madness and sadness.

Life is not about,

Crying and dying.

Life is all about,

Living a big moment!

Dedication versus Education

It was a beautiful evening and I along with some of my close friends was commuting back to college in a share auto rickshaw from a party. A person, who was sitting near to me, after a brief smile, started talking to me. He asked my name, place and other personal details. I answered all his questions with a smile by shooting back the same questions at him.
A mason by profession, the frequency of his questions went up when he learnt that I’m studying in Madras Christian College. He started asking about various courses, colleges and how to get a better education for his child. He admitted that since he is uneducated, he was clueless about everything related to the education of his child. He wanted his child to become a doctor and the kid was just five years old! I really appreciate his foresight.
I replied to him that it is not him who decides what his child wants to be in future. Let the kid decide. It is his future and it is all up to him. But he kept on asking me questions regarding wh…