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Please Forgive Me, William Miller…

Nearly a year ago, at midnight, I was coming back to Madras Christian College (MCC) from a small get-together along with my best buddies, Arun and Ben. They were boozed, as usual, and I was boozed in my own way―over drunk. After making fuzz with the security personnel at the entrance, we entered in to the college and were walking through the main corridor of the college. There stood the tall, black and shining statue of William Miller- a great person who had made stupendous contributions to a prestigious institution like MCC and was the principal of the college from 1862 to 1909.
While I was passing through the front side of the statue of William Miller, suddenly I felt his eyes following and gazing at me. I stopped and went near the tall statue and gazed back at him. His gaze was strong and filled with anger. However, I gave a pale smile to him but he didn’t respond. “Why are you looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong?” I asked him angrily. No reply. He could offer only a …

No Excuse…No Escape!

“Where is the assignment, Son?” Father Francis Peter of Loyola College inquired to me. “I couldn’t do it, Father” I sunk my head. “Why?” he asked angrily. “Father… one of my closest friends died yesterday… I was in the hospital…” I replied by raising my head faking sadness on my face. “Get out…” he said in a low pitched voice. “Father…” I mumbled. “Get lost!” he roared. I got the cue and rushed out of the classroom with a burdened heart.
It was not for the first time I was thrown outside from the class room in my academic life. But that particular day I felt humiliated to the core of my heart. I told a Himalayan lie to that respectful person. I felt guilty on that. In truth, none of my closest friends died on that day. I was roaming around with some of my active and alive friends in city. At the end of the day, in the midst of fun and enjoyment, I completely forgot to do the assignment.
The disgrace and shame I felt that day taught me a big life lesson: focused and dedicated persons n…

Creative Expressions of Nisha

This is a 4-minute video of Nisha, a 6-year old tribal (Mudugar) girl taking pictures of what she likes outside her house. Her likes and creativity is pronounced in the video. Watch it you will be surprised to see the excitement of the little girl. The video is made in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady, a Centre established for documenting the vanishing cultures of indigenous communities, with the World Oral Literature Project Fund of University of Cambridge, London. The video is conceived by Sachindev. P.S., cinematographed by Justin Raj and Sachindev P.S., edited and voiceovered by Rayson K. Alex.

In their eyes...

A seven minute video-documentary of the responsive expressions of Mudugar, a tribal community in Attappady, watching themselves on screen. Watch the twinkling eyes that look on the camera! The documentary is made in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady, with the World Oral Literature Project of University of Cambridge.

Atheism is no Egoism.

It is a very difficult option to be an atheist if you have been born and brought up in a family which upholds religious values. If I say that ‘I don’t believe in God’ or ‘I’m an atheist’, people stare at me as if I have just declared that I’m a gay! Then they ask why I do not believe in God. I tell the reason. Then a discussion starts, follows by a debate and finally end up in an argument. I hate arguments so I usually release my ejection seat immediately from it. But people will not give up. As a conclusion they ask me to read Psalms 14:1 or if they still see me smiling at them, they ask me to look upon John 15:6.
The people who believe in God is considered as ‘good’ and the people like me who declare themselves as atheists are seen as ‘bad’. I couldn’t understand the difference anyway. If a theist does something and fails, it is regarded as God is ‘testing’ him but on the other hand, if an atheist fails, people start telling that God is ‘punishing’ him. Some time ago, whatever I did …