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A Soldier’s Words

Son, when I was born, I thought… I was born to fight. Once I grew up, My dad taught… Life is a battle.
Son, joining army, I hold… As my mission in life. Once I made it, One and all told… I got a vision for life.
Son, fighting for my country,  I knew… Soars my dignity and pride. Once I killed for my country, One and all blew… On my vigor and bravery.
Son, life is a battle, I realized… With no guns and canons. Once I fought it, I realized… Knowledge and pen are true weapons.

Son, life is an adventure, I realized… With no lofty peaks and stormy seas. Once I ventured into it, I realized… Real adventure lies in exploring ourselves.
Son, meeting up with twilight, I realize…                 I ended up as a farmer. Once I pushed into modesty, I realize… I left only with great memories to cherish.
Son, at the edge of my pinnacle, I reminisce… There were ones who failed to make it. Once I look into them, I realize… They have grand treasures to relish.

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Searching the Ethics of Documentation

Film making is an art. When this art is related to a fragile community, strange language and a tricky terrain, it becomes an adventure too! Here in this informative video clip, Rayson.K.Alex, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Madras Christian College is sharing with us various merits as well as flaws in making an ethnographic documentary. Rayson is the Principal Researcher of World Oral Literature Project funded by University of Cambridge and secretary of OSLE India (Organization for Studies in Literature and Environment:
Ethnographic documentary making demands good rapport with community members along with an attitude to face the challenges as it appears. As a part of World Oral Literature Project, I learnt a lot of valuable lessons in making an ethnographic documentary. This 5 minute video clip will give a good insight to people who are interested in ethnographic film making.

World Oral Literature Project: An Internship Experience in Jungle.

A few months ago, when Rayson.K.Alex, the Principal Researcher briefed me about World Oral Literature Project and asked me to join, more than the international relevance of the project, I was attracted to the offer of staying inside jungle, having adventurous treks, camping and finally making a good documentary. Moreover, I found it interesting to have a productive vacation.
The focus of my documentary or internship was the occupation of Kurumbar Tribal Community dwelling in deep jungles of Attapady region. We have made contacts, planned to stay with them and wrote the script for the documentary. After that meeting, every day I dreamt of great tribal adventures and a great documentary shooting.
All those adventurous jungle dreams got shattered into air when we were stopped by the Forest Officers at the Forest Range Office and rejected our request for going into the jungle. We didn’t have sufficient documents to enter the jungle. That was the reason, officials had said. I was deeply di…

Virtual Circus

The emergence of social networking sites and blogs has been a great boon to many of us. They help us to interact with friends, upload pictures, videos et al. I had my first online social networking experience with Orkut; it was way back in 2006. Today after 4 years, the Orkut ‘fever’ is over with me and most of my friends. Everyone is on FaceBook, nowadays, which is more interactive than Orkut.
Well… the ‘FaceBook’ fever is on! It gives ample space to express ourselves with pictures, videos along with status updates. I started out in FaceBook with just fourteen friends half a year ago. Today, the case is entirely different. My contact list has reached nearly four hundred and fifty friends. Friends, friends of friends and even passers-by just add me as their friend. Real paradox one can find in these online friendships and interactions is that the persons who comments on your photos or frequently ‘post something on your wall’ never even say ‘Hi’ when you pass in front of them! That is …