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Runners' Anthem

We; run for delight; We; run for might; We; take our life as light; Just to reach better height.
We; run for fun; We; beat no one; We; run as one; Just for a grand run.
We; don't run in vain; We; do run in pain; We; run through lane; Just to drain the pain.
We; run through mud; We; run with thud; We; run with sweaty head; Just to get our spirits ahead.
We; run with our souls; We; run with no fouls; We; run with great guts; Just to conquer ourselves. Image Source: Internet

Death is not Death!

What will happen to you after death? Is it the end of life? Is there any life after death? Is death a painful experience? Most of these questions have no answers until someone has really experience death. Till then death is just a mystery as well as a powerful weapon to threaten common people.
Some of the biggest businesses on earth are based on death. Religion comes top of all with its pre-death and post-death cemetery services employing number of undertakers and priests. Under the promise of an eternal bliss in greater heavens ‘Jihadists’ are eliminating ‘Kafirs’. On the other side, evangelical pastors offer you an eternal heaven where you can drink honey and milk if you believe in real Jesus and also become a good sheep. In some cults you can even bribe Gods and purchase some part of eternal heaven! All these heavenly blessings will come to you only after death and that is the point!
Death is a mystery. Death is unknown. Anyone can make their own definition of death. Some people say …

The Secret of ‘Smart’ Dressing

The one and only poorly dressed person I have seen in life is none other than myself. No one believes if I say I had only one pair of trousers, three shirts and T-shirts. Impressing people was not in my list and I think that is the reason why I remained as a poorly dressed man till recent days. Another major reason is, of course, sheer laziness to shop. My sojourn at New Delhi with my cousin taught me a different lesson. Here in the Capital, most people especially youngsters are extremely well dressed. The availability of cheap variety of costumes is one of the major reasons behind this fashion explosion among the youth. The daily bazaars and discounts offered by branded stores really lure customers. I got into my cousin’s house the day I arrived in Delhi. As soon as she opened the door and saw me, she exclaimed: “Oh, Justin you look so lean…but are these shirts and trousers on you were the same you were wearing last year when I saw you?” I didn’t like that comment much. Anyway I smil…