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Three Doors

Got up from a horrible dream, On shore of a violent stream, I saw three doors in darkness, Beckoning me with rosiness.
I stood up weary, The darkness was scary, To those opened doorways, I made my own ways.
All doors dazzled except one, But, I can enter only one, That’s rule number one, To hold on, I could find no one.
First door was an entrance, To treasures easy to take, To cookies easy to bake, To a party I shun to partake.
Second door was a station, To surrender my imagination, Strengths, dreams and hope, It’s a place I couldn’t cope.
Third door was bleak, There was nothing to seek, There was nowhere to peek, There was risk at its peak.
I didn’t leave my dreams astray, I didn’t throw my hope away, Through that bleak doorway, With faith, I flew on my way…

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India Strikes Back!

The days of media hypes, corruption allegations and other disasters are over. Finally, India has successfully hosted Common Wealth Games 2010 with pomp and splendor. During the days of preparation, media and opposition political parties were pouring out corruption charges on the Common Wealth Organizing Committee and officials. All these mishaps not only brought shame to our county but also kept number of international sporting stars away from Games. Anyway, all is well. Corruption is everywhere. Here in my country people are used to it for generations. We don’t even mind bribing our Gods! There were times most of the Indians were skeptical about the Common Wealth Games. Most of them, even I, had doubted whether Common Wealth Games will ever happen on Indian soil. Lengthy articles on newspapers; interviews and debates on television created panic in Indian minds and sports enthusiasts worldwide. Inauguration ceremony on October 3rd showed the rise of phoenix India from the ashes of all …

What’s Sex Transmutation?

I got introduced to the idea of sex transmutation in 11th chapter of the book, Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill. I call his classic a magic book because of its great power to transform a person’s life and attitude. The book is worth reading for more than a hundred times and every time I read it, it will throw out new ideas. It is really an exciting experience. I read it thrice but the 11th chapter on sex transmutation bewildered my mind even till the last time I read it. I could easily absorb most of the ideas and philosophies described in that book but the idea of sex transmutation stood like a barrier difficult to break. I had only a basic level knowledge on sex. I regard it as a basic human emotion or feeling like sleep or hunger and know very well that it is very dangerous to suppress that powerful feeling. I always believe in giving an outlet for that emotion.   Napoleon Hill explained sex transmutation in a simple and understandable way: “Sex transmutation is simple a…

Convergence: The New Buzzword

I was attending a seminar conducted by the Journalism department of a prestigious college in Chennai. To my surprise, there was literally no crowd in the hall. The hall was sparsely crowded with the event organizers who were sitting comfortably in seats in front rows like kings and queens and a few students, most of them with gloomy, sleepy faces. I was sitting at the last row waiting for some great ideas pop up somewhere in that hall or from speakers. Speakers who talked about journalism, new media and lot of other topics were seemed boring and monotonous. But I waited. Seminar on Journalism isn’t it? So, I thought something great was on the way. Nothing worthwhile happened till the break. After the break, a tall, dark man with long hair came to the stage. He introduced himself as Kiruba Shankar. I heard a lot about him. He is an avid blogger, lecturer, orator and also an entrepreneur. “Is anyone covering this event for any newspaper?” he asked the audience after the introduction. My…