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Me is a simple me, Me knows well about me, Me comes anywhere with me, Me is the best part of me.
Sole power‘s with me, To move me, To groom me, And world around me.
Me is not thee, Thee can’t be me, Me can’t be thee, Me can only be me.
Me never vie with thee, Me vie only with me, To bring the best out of me, Giving up is not Me’s cup of tea.
Me ever loves me, As well as puzzles me, But it’s easy to grasp me, ‘cause Me is always free.
Me is a jovial me, Who keeps the world cheery, Me is always your lovely buddy, Who prefers to be lonely.
To know about me, If someone asks me: “Who’s this Me?” I’ll tell: “it’s me!”

Nostalgic Classroom

Nothing in my life has ever given me such joy, fun, enjoyable moments and unforgettable memories than my campus lives. In MCC (Madras Christian College), life in woods is just amazing which gave me lot of sweet memories and blessed me with number of friends for life. At times, we never understand the value of certain moments, unless we miss them. During my college days, I had tried to elude classroom sessions terming them as ‘boring’ without realizing the value of them. When our heart murmurs-‘I miss those moments’- it means that we became conscious of their value now. Bicycle rides amidst woods, squabbles with friends and lecturers, classroom jokes, gossips, parties, night walks and early morning jog. Today all those experiences are transformed into sweet, unforgettable memories. It was just a coincidence I stumbled upon a video clip while casually formatting the hard drive of my camera which was captured my closest friend. Its Christmas and New Year time ‒ a great time to reunite wi…

Switch it Off!

India has the second largest mobile subscriber base in the world next to China. Thanks to population explosion. Here, in my country, you can find people who lack food but at the same time enjoy the abundance of technology. It is the place you can witness the great show of street-side vendors, scrap collectors and even local Paanwalas enjoying the benefits of technology in their hands. Growing number of subscribers and enhancement of connectivity is always good. But sometimes I feel that mobile phones are taking away our privacy and to certain extent, endanger our lives. You may be discussing something seriously with someone; suddenly his or her mobile phone rings and they get busy with the call. The same thing occurs to you bringing resentment among your friends and family. Cell phone calls can distract you while you are busy driving your car or during an important meeting. We can hear and read a lot about energy management, human resource management and money management. What about pho…