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A Granny's Heart...

Today was a lonely day. It is somewhat self imposed because I need some time alone before leaving to the busy world outside; a kind of absolute solitude, just a little time with myself. Last year, for first time in my life, I was fortunate enough to stay with my 83 years old granny for one month at my house. It may be the solitude that I experience now at home that made me think about her and inspired me to write a poem on her. This poem which is dedicated to my granny is based on my observations on her daily life. I'm just trying to get into her shoes and transform her thoughts into a poem.

Chirping birds bathing in sunrays, Reminding me of my youthful days, Lord, Those joyful days are over, When is my soul going to hover?
Old leaves swaying on trees, To the tune of wayward breeze, Lord, I lived and raised my family with toil, When is my body going to melt in soil?
Stillness of darkest night, Taking my loneliness to greater height, Lord, Is this solitude, an earthly tranquility, Before my sou…

Grass is Always Greener on Our Side

Grass is always greener on other side.” says wise people around us. What does the Grass and the other side means? I was confused with this phrase till recently. There is a similar saying in Malayalam (my mother tongue). The English translation of it goes like this: “ Jasmine grown in our surroundings doesn't possess much fragrance” It is a naked truth. We won't see greener pastures on our side. And the jasmine grown in our backyard is considered as 'local' or mundane or may be useless. People always find pleasure in looking into the neighbours' house and envy them as well as complains on what they don’t have rather than enjoy what they do have. Local food. “Oh no! It is so unhygienic!” people says so. But I don’t think so. Traditional costumes. “Hey dude, they are so conventional. Be modern, dude!” people say so. I don’t think so. Frankly speaking, I have a serious trouble with this 'modernism'. Solution to this problem came in the form of an ethnic day…