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Please, Don’t Kill the Child in You!

Today, in social circles, most of us discuss about abortion, female feticide, child labor et al. We talk on those topics endlessly as if we are the sole expert in that subjects. Yes, we can talk well on the ethics related to killing a growing fetus in a womb. But, how many of us have mentioned or even thought about killing the child in ourselves? We came to this world as cute, innocent children. We loved to play, laugh and fool around. But unfortunately, in course of time and along our struggle to emulate grownups, we have lost our innocence, cuteness and childlike enthusiasm. In this 'serious' world, if an adult displays a playful, careless and enthusiastic attitude, he is ruthlessly labelled as childish. “ You don’t have seriousness towards life. Your life s#@cks!” people nag you if you play around. Is there anything in this life to be serious about? Personally, I don’t see anything in life to be 'serious' about. Everyone, from your great-grandfather to closest fr…

Meet the boss...always!

When a strong desire to do something on your own strikes your heart, the only way in front of you is to quit your job and be on your own. That was all I did few months ago. I came to that decision after thinking hard for several days. But that decision took my life to an unseen and unpredictable course - months of joblessness, disappointments and finally, broke. I also turned down number of good job offers in my area of interest: journalism. To take care of my expenses, I took number of writing assignments (both online and offline) and it was the coolest thing I could do. I enjoyed the work but most of my clients didn’t paid me well and sadly, few of them vanished from the scene without even paying me. Disappointments. I can handle that. But living without a single penny in my purse to spend was too hard for a spendthrift like me. For the first time in my life, I shied away from parties, get together with friends. The reason was quite simple, I don’t have money to spend on drinks as w…