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God's Own Gender Gap

Few months ago, in God's Own Country a young lady was raped and killed in a train. This tragic incident took place in broad day light while she was commuting from the workplace to her home. Media went gaga over this incident. Several organizations and sections of people went on with agitations and strikes. Number of political parties made this unfortunate incident a good reason to blame the ruling government. As usual, financial help came from government to the family of the rape victim. Security has been beefed up in ladies compartment of most of the trains plying across 14 districts of the state. In fact, who is the real loser? The government or the organizations those are fighting very hard for this cause? Of course, the family of that poor girl. This murder brought an irremovable scar on the image of this scenic and peaceful state. It also brought out our attitude towards women in general. Who to blame? Definitely the attitude of the people of my state. Whenever I talk …