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Sweet Memoirs of an Indian Boy.

Few weeks ago, while watching a Malayalam movie with friends, a short film was screened in the theatre prior to the movie. It was a fantastic visualization of India's achievements in defence, cultural, business, industry and arts. As soon as that short film drew to a close, audience stood up, gave out thunderous applause, high-pitched whistles and cheered at the maximum of their voice. Suddenly, after contributing our part of hooting, one of my friends said in tamil: “ eppadi iruntha India, ippadi ayitaen!” that simply means, India has grown much from nothing. We enjoyed that phrase (it's a filmy punch dialogue of a popular Tamil comedian) and we laughed louder. Movie was excellent. It is a box office hit but in truth, that movie couldn’t rock the theatre like the short film did. That night his words started lingering in my mind with flashes of my childhood during early 90's : those golden days without television, video games and other modern entertainment facilities we …