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Lessons from Virtual World

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and internet, at large has become like a parallel world in today's information age. Most people especially youngsters prefer to spend more time on this virtual world rather than spending time with their friends and colleagues in real world. As a young boy who is living in the information age, I’m also so fond of virtual world interactions. Since I'm active on social networking sites for past 6 years, I have learnt certain lessons from them which I learnt that can also be applied in real world. Here I’m sharing few of them with you. 'Like' ourselves first We share or update our statuses, photos and videos on Facebook and other social networking sites with great fond and frequency. How many of us show the willingness to like our own status first? Most of the popularly liked updates and photos or videos are liked by the uploader or user by himself or herself. In real world too this principle has a great role: it is only when we start to 'l…

An Indian's Independence-Day Message

Once again, on this auspicious day, we are about to celebrate the Independence Day of our great nation-a nation which has stood the test of time, gave birth to two great world religions and endured several foreign invasions. Actually, what do we mean by Independence Day? Is it the only day we realize and recollect the hardships and struggles of our great grandfathers during our fight for independence? There is always something more to celebrate and give thought on this day other than just hoisting our tricolor national flag and distributing sweets. It is the day which gave us a great identity: an identity which unifies us despite of several languages, cultural and ethnic barriers between all of us. India is developing at a great pace. She is showing high rate of growth in major sectors like industry, technology and finance as well as showing performance which got recognized at global level. Our country has become a country all other countries are looking upon as an upcoming super…

An Apology Letter to my Blog

Mostly during my academic days, I have written number of apology letters to the deans, lecturers and principals of my schools and colleges. They include apology letters for bunking classes, for misbehavior and for number of other 'crimes' I had commited. Those letters which were a necessity at that point of my life weren't straight from my heart. As usual, they were compelled to write and submit to satisfy the useless ego of elders.
But today, for the first time in my life, I'm writing an apology letter straight from my guts to whom it really deserves. It is none other than my blog, my mouthpiece for last 5 years.
My Dearest Blog,
You are my faithful mouthpiece for past 5 years. You have always helped to enrich my thoughts, ideas and experiences. During my troublesome and loneliness-filled days, you were my sole hope. You are the only supporting pillar when I struggle with my alienated yet individualistic thoughts and ideas. You were the only one who was always the…