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Be Happy!

Most of us ponder and wonder on the purpose of life. Does our life holds any meaning or mission? Are we here just to eat, drink and reproduce? Is human life has some special higher purposes? - we ask others as well to our own hearts with no satisfying answers near the corner. Some say, it is being successful that is the ultimate goal of life. By the way, what is success? Can we define success? Ask a CEO of a High Net-worth company, he or she would say it is running his or her company successfully is the ultimate goal or so called success in his or her life. Ask a family man who is leading a happy married life and taking care of a good, harmonious and peaceful family, he would say it is his family that defines the purpose and success of his life. Ask an evangelist, he or she would say, it is to live and spread the words of Christ is the ultimate goal of his life. Some of them even tell that it is to pray all night and day is the ultimate goal of human life and also add that pr…

The Magic of (my mom's) Cooking!

Recently after watching a malayalam movie named 'Salt & Pepper' (a box office hit) I pondered deeply on the subject – cooking. In that movie, the hero and heroine who are passionate about cooking (eating as well) get attracted to each other over their common interests. The movie also depicts how the art of cooking beautifully manipulates two persons' lives. At times I even feel that there is something magical and nostalgic about cooking. The taste and smell of certain foods and sweets take us back to our good old days, right? I'm certain that most of us agree with me. Sole inspiration behind my cooking and eating habit is my sweet mom who is an excellent cook. As she works abroad, I get only two months in a year to savor the foods she cooks. Whenever she happens to be here, I'm really happy to invite my friends to my house since she always loves to give a great treat to their tastebuds. It feels really good to watch the happiness and satisfaction reflect on …