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Creattio: Ushering a New Era in Event Management World

'Creattio' in Latin means create from nothing! With a green-colored logo which represents rejuvenation, imagination and creativity, today, Creattio artwork and designing solutions Pvt.Ltd has become the ultimate destination for event management designs among number of best event managers in the country and abroad. Since its inception in 2009, Creattio has been providing great number of event managers, light engineers, art directors to our meticulous clientele with world class designs and ideas for better event-management. Being the pioneer in event management designing solutions in the country, Creattio has given unique designs and ideas for more than 10,000 events in India and Middle East, not to mention the Russian federation and the rest of Europe. Clients of this Cochin-based company range from software majors like Microsoft to automobile giants such as Audi, Toyota and Lexus. It has also managed and designed events of telecom giant EtiSalat and other known names such a…

Look Before You Invest! : My First eBook.

Look Before You Invest eBook

Hi friends, Let me introduce to you, look before you invest – an eBook which I have written with the help and guidance of few of my very good friends. It was a fortnight's work to write, proof-read, edit and design this eBook. But at the end, it was all about the joy of creating an eBook by myself. Since I have eventually stepped into the world of investments as a stock broker, it is my pleasure to share my little knowledge related to my profession. This simple book will help novice investors to learn about the basics of stock market and give a glimpse of the vast world of investments. Look before you invest was created with a sole purpose to educate a novice investor and to save him or her from errors those are part of investment process. Hope the eBook will serve it's purpose. Thanking everyone who were with me all through my writing journey.