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48 Hours of Inspiration

It’s heartbreakingly painful when your brother leaves to heavenly abode and after a few months your sweetheart leaves you for a better man… Pain is everywhere. You can’t ask for a break from that! It happens somehow, somewhere and from someone. Every day, at some moments, when we can’t get along with what we ought to do; in the silence and ignorance of your loved ones; when your loved ones compare us with others and tell they are better than you and moreover when they belittle you in front of others. In short, it feels like the whole universe throws you out like a fallen, lonely comet. Only people who stand by you are your true friends who know you for a very long time and also know your potential, strength and weakness. They stand by you, whatever happens even though the earth shaken or mountains shift. I have gone through all these in past 8 months. I lost my brother… I lost my sweetheart… It feels like life shoots you at the point blank range. All you hear are blaming, your mistakes…